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How to Change Facebook Name that Already Limit

DisplayNetFacebook is an online social media crowd favorite, especially in the country of Indonesia. You might want to change the name of the facebook but it has limits, this is one of the main effective way to change your Facebook name that already limit.
Follow the steps below to change facebook name that already limit:

1. Open links
2. First name on the contents of the first column.
3. Middle Name on the contents of the second column.
4. Fill in the Last name field to three.
5. Fill your reasons in the fourth column, why should change the name of your facebook profile (be in Indonesian, for those of you who do not speak English.
6. Upload identification, or photograph your identity, just as ID card, student card / student ID, driver's license may also.
7. After Upload your identifier, click "SEND".

For more details, please see the following picture:
Trik Baru Cara Mengubah Nama Facebook Update 2013 
So first share how to change facebook name that already limit, may be useful for those who need it.

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